We’re Totally Buzzing About This One!

What do you get when you ask an amazing group of young people from Herefordshire and an equally incredible bunch of kids from Jaipur, India, to put their wicked imagination to work and create an adventure film?

At the end of the vegas2jaipur project we’ll find out the answer, and I’ve a feeling it’s going to be pretty awesome.

It’s been less than 12 months since we set off on our previous adventure – vegas2venice – and since then we’ve been hard at work editing that HIV/AIDs documentary and releasing it online. We also ran a few fundraising film premieres, which thankfully, has gone down a treat with some brilliant feedback from both the public and HIV/AIDs organisations.

To help highlight that it is not about a disease but what you can achieve.

So over Christmas we had a sit down, to plan our next project. We had the opportunity to do another HIV/AIDs documentary within the UK but we wanted to focus more on Arms Around the Child, and the kids they help support.

The result is vegas2jaipur and we are totally buzzing about this one!!!

It’s taken us a few years, from the very first vegas2vegas project until now, to really figure out what the purpose of vegas2vegas is and why we are doing it, beyond fundraising for a brilliant charity.

So if you are sat there wondering why, how and what vegas2jaipur is all about then read on my friend…

Why are you doing this fellas?

To help highlight that it is not about a disease but what you can achieve.

How are you doing that?

Provide the children, the charities support, with an opportunity to show how brilliant they are.

What are you going to do?

Work with the young people from Hope Support Services and Arms Around the Child, to create an adventure film. Having fun, teaching them new skills, and together making something they can use to put on fundraising premieres, which drives funding back into the charities that care for these great kids!


And thanks to the unbelievable help and support from the people at Hope Support Services, Arms Around the Child, Shadowplay, Calendar Lady, Mike Morgan Media, Podio, Essential Travel, Scott’s VISAs, Royal Heritage Haveli, and our friends and family, I’m very excited to say that this project – vegas2jaipur – will achieve great things.

I’m currently writing this sat on a plane, 37,000ft in the air, next to Griff (aka Joe, the co-founder of vegas2vegas) and next to him is Andy and Phil from Shadowplay. We want to give them a special mention as the talented duo have very kindly volunteered their services to join us on this adventure!

It is going to be a mind blowing 10 days in India, and we can’t wait to meet the kids in Jaipur.

That’s all for now folks. Happy days.


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