The most inspirational videos on the interweb!!

Set with a challenge ‘Project Awesomeness’ I had to find some videos that inspired me. It has made me change the way I look out on life and that there’s always good in the bad. Basically I have had an inspiring afternoon!

I hope you enjoy my favourite videos and good news stories!

The Pep Talk

This is an inspiring video clip which encourages and talks to people about that you can do something in life and be anything you want to be and don’t let anyone stop you or get in the way.

I chose this because it’s about working as a team and doing something good together.


This video is telling you to believe in what you think are right and that everything is possible if you put your mind to it. It shows that you can be and make the change. Think positively all the time in what you do and how to do it.

Just Do It

This is a video which tells you to believe in yourself no matter what gets in your way you can do it and to always have a positive mental attitude towards everything you do. It tells you to trust yourself in what you do and set you goals high and succeed in what you are doing.

I chose this video because it shows and tells you that you can do anything if you put your mind to it and to believe in yourself.

Don’t let someone tell you that you can’t do something

This video tells you to never give up and that we don’t just fear the darkness but we fear the light as well. Just make your dreams become reality.

‘Never give up, reach for your dreams’.

It has an over voice of actors which say an inspirational speech about that you can do anything and you have to try. Also that you can achieve anything that you put your mind to; just have a positive mental attitude towards everything.

No arms, No legs, No worries

(Story 2)

These are videos of Nick Vujicic, a man who has no arm, no legs and no worries. He is a man who enjoys life even though he has no limbs. It makes me realise how lucky I am to have and to be able to do the things he can’t do himself either with or without help. It has taught me to not to compare myself to other people and don’t let anyone get me down and not to believe in what they say about me and that I’m different and unique.

I chose this because it shows you when you fall down you can get back up whether it is hard or easy and to never give up. Also that you are a somebody and not a nobody and you’re worth something and to be proud of who you are.

Make the Change, Be the Change

This video clip is different because the man quits his job working in a star hotel to making food for people at his hometown. He washes them, shaves them and cares for them. I understand the value of giving and it doesn’t have to be money, it could be support or being there for them when they need you or something the most.

Never Give Up!

This is a Very Inspirational video of a Runner named Derek Redmond who seriously injured himself during an Olympic Race. Despite the agonising pain and distortion he kept on running. As he was limping on the track an older man Ran Down and broke though security to Support him, it was his Father. He then let go of his son so he could finish his race off.

I chose this video because whenever you fall down there’s always someone to help you back you and who will stick along you side.

Get Results

Never give up.

The same, but different words

This video clip shows that you can change and help others really easily whether its saying or re-wording or doing more, but it makes a difference to their life.


Thanks for reading!

Georgie :)

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