Day Four

Sat With a Twig Up His Nose – Day Four of vegas2jaipur

The kids at Faith take dress rehearsal to another level!

When we were youngsters our nativity plays would involve 20 children, dressed in bed sheets to look like the ancient people of Jerusalem. A couple of boxes painted grey to look like boulders, and a child sat with a twig and warned if he sticks it up his nose once more then he’ll be sent to stand in the corner.

When we walked into the care home today we were greeted with elephants, monkeys, lions, tigers, bears, birds, rabbits, Krishna, trees, and more. It was like a Bollywood movie set filled with amazing colours and sounds of the kids practising their noises.

The story the children have chosen is a traditional Hindu tale, about a young boys frightening journey to school and his wavering faith in God (Krishna).

It was a brilliant days filming, the kids are so patient for us. We had them out the back for the jungle scenes for nearly 3 hours in 43 degrees heat, and as we repeated the scenes over and over, not one of the youngsters moaned or got agitated.

They are learning quickly as well, our sound team now know more than us about the recording equipment, the camera crew are taking fantastic pictures which you can see via the Facebook link below, and our little actors and actresses are doing a top job.

Day two of the film workshop, and our first day of filming, has been awesome. We head back tomorrow to carry on filming and develop the story further. Can’t wait!!

This evening Griff and myself went to an IPL (Indian Premiere League) cricket match which the care home had arranged for us, they are ridiculously generous!

It was Rajasthan Royals vs Pune Warriors India, the place was packed tighter than a tin of sardines. We arrived just as the match got started and went through 4 rounds of security checks, during which they took our water and shortbread off us, not sure what damage we could do with a biscuit but never mind.

The game went to down to the last two balls. Rajasthan Royals (the local team) were chasing 179 to win and needed 1 run to win. The bowler launched it down the wicket and the Rajasthan batsman smashed it for 4. The crowd went mental! We knew Indian people loved cricket but the place erupted, drinks everywhere, chairs flying, hugging and kissing going on all around us, as the two Casper-like Englishmen stood up, clapped politely and said “fair play, good game”.

A top day and a relief to get some of the adventure film on camera. We can’t wait to get back there tomorrow to shoot some more scenes. It always such a laugh spending time with the kids and hopefully that will come across in the film.

To view today’s pictures check out our Facebook album – vegas2jaipur Day Four.

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