Day Three

Sat Doing the Downward Dog – Day Three of vegas2jaipur

After meeting the kids for the first time last night, and being completely bowled over by their happiness and enthusiasm, we couldn’t wait to go back to see them today!!

We arrived around lunchtime, and after tucking into some grub we explained to the children what these four pasty Englishmen (technically one German and a half-Scott and two Englishmen) were doing stood in front of them with cameras and matching t-shirts.

Thanks to some brilliant interpreting skills from Smriti’s daughter, we explained that we had travelled 6,000 miles to come and shoot an adventure film with them, with their story, characters and costumes.

Immediately the kids were going crazy with excitement. We then gave them the choice to be actors/actresses, cameramen or sound/lighting.

Between the team we took the kids into their groups and ran through the some skills and bits and bobs. We’ve a bunch of great photos that the kids have taken, they looked like they loved it.

Smriti, the founder of the care home, then sat all 40 kids on some of the beds and told a traditional Hindu story to the kids which will be the basis of our film. It was fantastic!

Later in the afternoon the yoga instructor arrived. Somehow, within 5 minutes Griff and myself were sat doing the sinking swan and having a hernia! Mid way through the “downward dog” someone farted (I’m looking at you Griff) which set everyone off laughing, including the instructor. I’m not sure we’re any closer to touching our toes but it was well worth getting involved.

After the yoga we were treated to some group dancing that the kids had choreographed, it put my robot and Griff’s big fish little fish to shame, and was amazing!!

So after our first day of the film workshop these brilliant bunch of youngsters have chosen their characters, began learning some camera work and sound and lighting. At the request of the kids we begin dress rehearsal tomorrow!!

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  1. Jess and John

    It all sounds like an unforgettable experience – especially the yoga – that sinking dog and the farting swan or whatever…

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