Day One

Hello Delhi – Day One of vegas2jaipur

Socks – check. Flip flops – check. Immodium – check. Pot noodle – “huh?” – “In case we need a snack mate, we can’t eat anything washed in tap water in India.” – “What you filling that pot noodle up with Griff?”

Ok, so we may not be the most well travelled pair, at least not before today!

We’ve made it to Delhi! Wey-hey!!

So first impressions of India. Well…Delhi is hotter than a chicken phal, busier than the Charlie during happy hour (Ross peeps know what I’m talking about) and incredibly colourful.

We arrived at around 9.30am and by 10.30am were stood in the Arrivals lounge. In typical British tourist fashion we spent a few minutes pointing in random directions, looking puzzled, hot and out of place.

Eventually we got our bearings together and headed towards Exit-Gate 6, to be greeted by a really happy fella holding a sign saying “Jamie Hary”. We figured that it was unlikely a Jamie Hary and a Jamie Hay we’re staying at the same hotel getting picked up at the same time so we said “Namaste” and jumped in his taxi.

25 minutes later we had arrived at our hotel for the evening – Hotel Ajanta. To much relief the rooms  have air conditioning, to less relief we had booked double beds instead of twins. Still, we’ve dumped the luggage, packed a couple light camera bags and are off to explore the city.

Tomorrow we head to Jaipur, our destination and home of the children and location of the adventure film we are filming with them!

The alarms are set for 6am with a 4 hours ride to catch at 7am. A friggin ace week is facing us, let’s get to it!

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  1. Mum Watch

    So pleased you’ve made to Delhi. The weather in Ross compares to India a cracking 22 degrees – positively balmy! Have a wonderful time – I’ll be keeping up with you on the blog. Keep slapping on the sun cream! Xxxxxxxxx

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