Day Eight

Goodbye Jaipur – Day Eight of vegas2jaipur

Thursday 9th May and our last day in India. Booo!!

Today we spent some time checking out the local palaces and forts of Jaipur with Naren, one of the brilliant employees of Arms Around the Child, who guided us around the pink city.

We saw some cool old places, including locations from the movie –The Fall. We also watched a snake charmer, who ironically wasn’t very charming and chased us for money. It was a good day but we were all missing the kids and home.

I think knowing that we won’t see them again on this trip just had us on a bit of a downer, plus it was so hot my £2 cowboy hat was beginning to melt. The thought of the 6 hour drive back to Delhi was also not going down well either.

We said our goodbyes to Naren and the city of Jaipur at about 5pm and began the road trip to the capital. A few classic games of eye-spy and “would you rather” lasted all of 20 minutes after Andy crossed the weirdness line :)

We’ve arrived here in Delhi tired and hungry, just polished off a McDonalds and battling with power cuts in the hotel atm. Tomorrow we head home to the UK. It’s been a short trip but one that will no doubt stay with us forever.

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