Day Four

Sat With a Twig Up His Nose – Day Four of vegas2jaipur

The kids at Faith take dress rehearsal to another level!

When we were youngsters our nativity plays would involve 20 children, dressed in bed sheets to look like the ancient people of Jerusalem. A couple of boxes painted grey to look like boulders, and a child sat with a twig and warned if he sticks it up his nose once more then he’ll be sent to stand in the corner.

When we walked into the care home today we were greeted with elephants, monkeys, lions, tigers, bears, birds, rabbits, Krishna, trees, and more. It was like a Bollywood movie set filled with amazing colours and sounds of the kids practising their noises.

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Day Three

Sat Doing the Downward Dog – Day Three of vegas2jaipur

After meeting the kids for the first time last night, and being completely bowled over by their happiness and enthusiasm, we couldn’t wait to go back to see them today!!

We arrived around lunchtime, and after tucking into some grub we explained to the children what these four pasty Englishmen (technically one German and a half-Scott and two Englishmen) were doing stood in front of them with cameras and matching t-shirts.

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Day Three

The Pink City – Day Two of vegas2jaipur

“You could fry an egg on Phil’s head!” it’s day two of vegas2jaipur, and after reaching 40 degrees earlier, we’re starting to fry.

We set off from Delhi at 8.30am and arrived in Jaipur (The Pink city) at about 2pm. It is a stunning place, lots more colour than Delhi but still as crazily busy. On the way we passed camels pulling carts, families pushing elephants and monkeys chillin on the roadside.

As we came into Jaipur we first stopped at the Amer Fort which looks friggin ace! Hopefully go visit it next week, apparently they do elephant riding for 1,000 rupees (Still got no idea how much that is in sterling).

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Day One

Hello Delhi – Day One of vegas2jaipur

Socks – check. Flip flops – check. Immodium – check. Pot noodle – “huh?” – “In case we need a snack mate, we can’t eat anything washed in tap water in India.” – “What you filling that pot noodle up with Griff?”

Ok, so we may not be the most well travelled pair, at least not before today!

We’ve made it to Delhi! Wey-hey!!

So first impressions of India. Well…Delhi is hotter than a chicken phal, busier than the Charlie during happy hour (Ross peeps know what I’m talking about) and incredibly colourful.

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We’re Totally Buzzing About This One!

What do you get when you ask an amazing group of young people from Herefordshire and an equally incredible bunch of kids from Jaipur, India, to put their wicked imagination to work and create an adventure film?

At the end of the vegas2jaipur project we’ll find out the answer, and I’ve a feeling it’s going to be pretty awesome.

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